The Learning Centre for Magical Autistic Children in Koh Samui provides day care for up to 14 children and young adults from low-income families who live with a variety of special needs: mental and physical disabilities. They are excluded from mainstream education, there is no other facilities available to them and the centre receives no government financial support. Of the 14 enlisted at the Magical Autistic Learning Centre over half (10 children) have no father at home and it’s women who are left to raise the children and be the primary bread winner. Therefore, the centre provides many crucial functions. Apart from the children's education and socialization it allows the women to go out and earn a living, do essential chores and take well deserved time-out from very demanding and stressful childcare.
Rotary Club of Hong Kong South partners with our sister club Rotary Club of Koh Samui to support and maintain the Learning Centre for Magical Autistic Children in Koi Samui and provide the children free of charge.