The elderly and rehabilitation population are some of the most vulnerable populations for chronic disease, but factors such as decreased mobility, access to transport, communication difficulties, and long, arduous wait times, to name a few, are barriers to preventative screenings. Gerontech, or the use of technology geared specifically toward the elderly, can be an important tool in improving the quality of life for the elderly while decreasing the burden of clinics and hospitals.

The Rotary Club of Hong Kong South (RCHKS) works with Gense Tech, a Hong Kong-based startup to pilot the MediScan for the elderly in the Southern district. Gense Tech’s diagnostic tool helps patients detect and manage some of the world’s costliest liver, lung, and kidney diseases with cloud-based devices from the comfort of their own homes. Developed by a team with 15 PhDs and researchers, Gense Tech’s invention started clinical trials in 2022. 

The Rotary Club of Hong Kong partners with Hong Kong Southern District Women Association to dpeloy the MediScan in their centers to help the edlerly do the preventive health check.