RCHKS meets Thursdays at 12:30 for lunch meetings and at 7:30 for dinners at the Hong Kong Golf Club in Deep Water Bay.

Date Speaker Topic Join Us?


Date Speaker Topic
14 Feb 2019 Rtn Rebecca Howe Year of the Pig
31 Jan 2019 Rtn Dixon Wu A brief history of competitive gaming & eSports
24 Jan 2019 PP Tony Leung Updates on The Leprosy Project
17 Jan 2019 Rtn Suzanne Gendron Ocean Park Conservation Fund
10 Jan 2019 Dr. Edwin Lee Formula for Choosing and Buying Shops in a Professional Way
03 Jan 2019 PDG Eric Chin District Public Image and Branding Half Year Report and Plan for Next 6 Months
27 Dec 2018 Fellowship Lunch
20 Dec 2018 Fellowship Lunch
13 Dec 2018 Christmas Dinner
06 Dec 2018 Annual General Meeting
29 Nov 2018 Principal Chan No Child Left Behind -About Principal Chan Free Tutorial World
15 Nov 2018 Mr. Remy Wong Ebeneezer Since 1897 – How We Have Served the Visually Disabled
08 Nov 2018 PP Fergus Fung Insights to Hong Kong’s District Council
01 Nov 2018 Ms. Fina Cheng No child will be held back because of Diabetes – Part 2
25 Oct 2018 Mr.Bernard Lee Artificial Cognition and Precognition – The Future of Security and Cyber Security.
18 Oct 2018 Ms. Lucille Dejito: Cybersex Trafficking Cybersex Trafficking
11 Oct 2018 Mr. Ben Lincoln The Difference between Moving and Exercising
04 Oct 2018 Lunch Meeting
27 Sep 2018 Dinner Meeting: Joint Area 3 DG Visit
20 Sep 2018 Dinner Meeting
13 Sep 2018 PDG Jones Wong The Rotary Foundation, and Rotary Community Corps (TRF/RCC)
06 Sep 2018 Lunch Meeting
30 Aug 2018 Mr. Lawrence Hui Blockchain, Crytocurrencies and Their Latest Development
23 Aug 2018 Lunch Meeting
16 Aug 2018 PP Grace Yen THE ONE Humanitarian Award
09 Aug 2018 Rtn Hubert Meier My Experience as 3 Times President of RCPP
02 Aug 2018 Lunch Meeting
26 Jul 2018 IPP Julian Marland West Kowloon
19 Jul 2018 Dr. Wan Why Can't I Sleep Well?
12 Jul 2018 DG Y C Ho Club Installation
05 Jul 2018 Lunch meeting
21 Jun 2018 Rtn Leo Lee Who am I
14 Jun 2018 PP Mitzi Leung UNESCO & Actions for Peace
07 Jun 2018 Lunch Meeting
31 May 2018 Lunch Meeting
24 May 2018 Mr. Kwong Ka Fai Dream Catcher Project
17 May 2018 Annual Dinner Mid Summer Nights
10 May 2018 PP Tony Leung Updates on The Leprosy Project
03 May 2018 Lunch Meeting
26 Apr 2018 Dinner Meeting
18 Apr 2018 Hon. Jeffrey Lam The CPPCC and the Greater Bay Area
12 Apr 2018 Mr. Jeff Nankivell, Consul General of Canada Canada and Hong Kong in 2018
29 Mar 2018 Ms.Susanne Schutz Outlook for the Year of Dog
22 Mar 2018 Ms. Alexandra Tracy Winning the Race to be Asia’s Green Capital
15 Mar 2018 PP George Li At Sixes & Sevens. Lock, Stock & Barrel
08 Mar 2018 DG HW Fung DG Visit
01 Mar 2018 Mr. Paul McComb The View of Hong Kong in the Belt and Road and the Greater Bay Area
22 Feb 2018 Chinese New Year Lunch
15 Feb 2018 No Meeting Chinese New Year Eve
08 Feb 2018 PP Peter Barrett From Bankruptcy to Boom the Recovery of Hutchison International
01 Feb 2018 Rtn Thomas Slunecko Karat The Multi-channel Credibility
25 Jan 2018 Dr. Ronald Ng What is Anti-Aging Medicine?
18 Jan 2018 Mr. Sheldon Ray Chaos in the White House
11 Jan 2018 Mr. Alex Ng Path to Polio Eradication
04 Jan 2018 Mr. Malcolm Begbie and Mr. Matt Gow Updates on Crossroads
28 Dec 2017 Lunch Meeting
21 Dec 2017 Christmas Lunch
13 Dec 2017 Carol Singing and Chinese Dinner
07 Dec 2017 Pui Tak Canossian College Fundraising Project for Operation Santa Claus
30 Nov 2017 Annual General Meeting
23 Nov 2017 Mrs. Joanna Hotung Diabetes Awareness Month and Children with Diabetes
16 Nov 2017 Dr. Lam Wai Ching My Experience with Orbis
09 Nov 2017 Ms. Victoria Wisnieski Otero How to achieve a more inclusive society in Hong Kong?
02 Nov 2017 Ms. Ceicy Wong Environmental friendly food packaging and catering disposables
26 Oct 2017 Rtn Brigitte Cummings My Experience in Mongolia
19 Oct 2017 Interactors Taiwan Interact Trip
12 Oct 2017 Prof. Chan Ka Lok Global Trend in Business Education
05 Oct 2017 No Meeting - Public Holiday
28 Sep 2017 Lunch Meeting
21 Sep 2017 Rtn Suzanne Gendron Amazing Facts about Fishes and Why It Is Important for Us to Support Sustainable Seafood Programmes
14 Sep 2017 International Service Project Presentation
07 Sep 2017 Ms. Alexandra Ridgway From Predicament to Possibility
31 Aug 2017 Mr. Ben Lincoln How the body sees the world through movement
24 Aug 2017 PP Martin Roeth Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development
10 Aug 2017 Mr. Nicolas Kwan The Belt and Road Initiative and Hong Kong’s Role
10 Aug 2017 Rotaractor from Canada Trip in China
03 Aug 2017 Casual Chinese Lunch Meeting
27 Jul 2017 PP Stephen First RI Convention 2018 at Toronto
20 Jul 2017 Mr Bob Lloyd Playing Rugby for England
13 Jul 2017 Dr. Lucy Lord Mental Health Mentoring Programme
06 Jul 2017 Club Installation for 2017-2018
29 Jun 2017 Club Assembly
19 Jun 2017 Mr. Dave Chapman Blockchains and Bitcoins
15 Jun 2017 Dr Leonard Yuen Optimizing Vision in the Over-40
08 Jun 2017 Mr. Justin Santini HK Sacred Spaces
01 Jun 2017 PP Nick Pirie Fin Tech Revolution – The Scope for Fraud
25 May 2017 Miss Candice Chan Unveiling the Enigmatic Kazakhstan
18 May 2017 President Warunee Sarika Sister Club Relationship
10 May 2017 Ms. Fanny Law Fan Chiu Fun Lunch Meeting - 4 Clans Meeting
04 May 2017 Rtn Anthony Ngai The phones we love too much
27 Apr 2017 Annual Party
20 Apr 2017 Mr. Cyrill Eltschinger A World of Prized Collectors' & Vintage Timepieces - Success at Watch Auctions
13 Apr 2017 Mr. Sandor Weyers Experience an African Safari in Virtual Reality - Protecting Wildlife and Supporting Local Communities through Ecotourism
06 Apr 2017 President Chris Kyme Reviewing What Had Been Achieved with the Rotary District 3450 Hip Hop Competition
30 Mar 2017 Dr. Jimmy Wong Building a Healthier Roadside Environment: A Novel City Air Purification System
23 Mar 2017 Mr. Mike Chinoy Trump and Asia - Is There Trouble Ahead?
16 Mar 2017 Mr. Ronny K W Tong Is HK on a Countdown to Oblivion?
09 Mar 2017 Sister Club of Ulsan Happy Sister Club Visit
02 Mar 2017 Mrs. Joanna Hotung What Life Is Like for a Kid with Diabetes
23 Feb 2017 Ms. Susanne Schutz A Brief Feng Shui Outlook for the Year of the Fire Rooster
16 Feb 2017 Burns Night
09 Feb 2017 Principal Po of Aplichau Kaifong Primary School The Development of Aplichau Kaifong Primary School
02 Feb 2017 Spring Lunch
26 Jan 2017 Ms. Sonia Samtani The Mind-Body Connection
19 Jan 2017 Mr. Chris Wilson Looking Back on 40 Years in Hong Kong
12 Jan 2017 Ms. Rowena Gonzales How to design a home that can save the planet and your health
05 Jan 2017 Remy Wong, Deputy CEO of Ebenezer Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired
29 Dec 2016 New Year Lunch
22 Dec 2016 Christmas Lunch
15 Dec 2016 Dr. Clara Kan Share the insights on Hong Kong Social Enterprises Development
08 Dec 2016 Christmas Party
01 Dec 2016 Annual General Meeting
24 Nov 2016 PDG Ada Cheng Mass Polio Vaccination Trips in India
17 Nov 2016 Interactors Interact Night
10 Nov 2016 DG Eric Chin DG Visit
03 Nov 2016 Mr. Nick Griffin What I’ve Learned about Life from Learning to Fly
27 Oct 2016 Ms. Sky Siu Ethnic Minority youth and exploring technology to enhance their capacity and contribution in HK
20 Oct 2016 PP Peter Barrett My Cycling Tour
13 Oct 2016 Mr. Nand Wadhwani The Power of Knowledgeable Mothers
06 Oct 2016 Club Assembly
29 Sep 2016 PP Tony Leung Update on Leprosy Project
22 Sep 2016 Mr Paul Tighe, Australia’s Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macau Australia's Relations with Hong Kong
17 Sep 2016 Oktoberfest at HK Yacht Club
08 Sep 2016 Dr. Michael Pittmann Recent Chinese Dinosaur Discoveries
25 Aug 2016 Lunch Meeting
18 Aug 2016 Rtn Graeme Howell Nepal Village Schools
11 Aug 2016 Chinese Casual Lunch
04 Aug 2016 Chinese Casual Lunch
28 Jul 2016 Ms. Linda So South Island Line
18 Jul 2016 Join Rotary Club of Shouson Hill Dinner Meeting
14 Jul 2016 Dr Charles Brantly Update on refugees project and Mental Health Conference in 2017
07 Jul 2016 Club Installation
30 Jun 2016 Club Assembly
23 Jun 2016 Club Meeting
17 Jun 2016 Annual Party: The Wonders of Ancient Egypt
02 Jun 2016 Ms. Ashley Galina Marketing to Chinese Consumers
26 May 2016 Mr. Edgar Lau Modern World Racing for Starters
19 May 2016 Mr. Shaphan Marwah The Children’s Bill - A New Approach to Child Disputes?
13 May 2016 To be advised
12 May 2016 PP Bonnie Wong Marine Sanctuaries & Spawning Aggregations
05 May 2016 Ms. Sylvie Boidron When our health is our wealth – Keeping fit and flexible in our senior years
27 Apr 2016 Professor Gilbert Fong 4 Clans Meeting
21 Apr 2016 Ms. Mimi Tang Mission with Passion
14 Apr 2016 PP Nick Pirie 20 years of working on Hong Kong south's leprosy project.. What we are doing for children....
07 Apr 2016 Geetanjali Dhar Integrated Brilliant Education Trust
31 Mar 2016 Dr. Merrin Pearse Creative Solutions for a Wasteful City - How Can We Stop the Rubbish
24 Mar 2016 Ms. Susanne Schutz The Year of the Fire Monkey and What It Brings in Terms of Feng Shui
17 Mar 2016 PP Michael Chiu Free Medical Consultation for the Underprivilaged
10 Mar 2016 Ms. Delphine Barets Those Who Inspire Book Collection
03 Mar 2016 Mr. Andrew Simpson West Kowloon Cultural District – Latest Progress
25 Feb 2016 Mr. Andrew Cox Stress and It's Role in High Performance
18 Feb 2016 Rotary Scholar Heidi Luk My Rotary Experience
11 Feb 2016 Mr. Norman Lyle OBE Racing the Planet - From the Gobi to Iceland via the Atacama, Sahara, Namibia and Nepal
04 Feb 2016 Ms. Magdalena Cheung The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children
28 Jan 2016 Ms. Alexandra Ridgway Developing A Global Perspective: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Responses to Family Violence
21 Jan 2016 PP Ronald Lu The Zero Carbon Building, Maggie Caring Centre and the Xiqu Chinese Opera Building in West Kowloon.
14 Jan 2016 Ms. Lori Granito Entrepreneurship, Succeeding from Failure and New Beginnings in the New Year.
07 Jan 2016 PP George Li An Updated on Preserve Planet Earth After 2015 Paris Climate Conference
31 Dec 2015 Lunch Meeting Cancelled
24 Dec 2015 Christmas Lunch
17 Dec 2015 Mr. Rickson Chow Unmanned Aircraft Systems Perceptions and Potentials
10 Dec 2015 Annual General Meeting
03 Dec 2015 Christmas Party
26 Nov 2015 Mr. Craig Mitchell The Discovery of Two American Torpedo Planes in Tai Tam that Collided over HK While on a Bombing Mission in 1945
19 Nov 2015 Justice Kemal Bokhary The Right to Life
12 Nov 2015 Golf Tournament Prize Presentation
05 Nov 2015 Mr. Matt Prior The Ice Run
29 Oct 2015 Ms. Anat Givon The Art of Using Textiles and Digital Photography
22 Oct 2015 Mr. Simon Holiday Splash - Swim School for Foreign Domestic Workers
15 Oct 2015 Interactors Interact Night
08 Oct 2015 Mr. Andy Brown KFBG's Revitalisation of the Old Tai Po Police Station
24 Sep 2015 Dr. David Cosman Recent Advances in Treating Aches, Pains and Sports Injuries
17 Sep 2015 DG Peter Pang DG Visit
10 Sep 2015 Mr. Jonathan Li Deliver Your Message Effectively and Confidently: Successful Presentations for Business Leaders
27 Aug 2015 Rtn Ernie Yim Travel Sketching Journey
20 Aug 2015 Ms. Benedicte NOLENS from Securities and Futures Commission Fireside Chat with SFC Head of Risk and Strategy
13 Aug 2015 Mr. Kingsley Jayasekera Creating a ‘Smart’ West Kowloon Cultural District
06 Aug 2015 Mr. Douglas Young from G.O.D. Gamechangers
30 Jul 2015 Mr. Beta Tam Introduction to the Forensic Science
23 Jul 2015 Mr. Gerard McGuirk Saving the Hong of Hong Kong
16 Jul 2015 Dinner Meeting with DG Peter Pang
09 Jul 2015 Ms. Rainbow Chow What Microforest do as a social enterprise?
02 Jul 2015 Club Installation
25 Jun 2015 Dr. Sarah Borwein Patient Care Foundation
18 Jun 2015 Rtn Paul van Brenkelen Paul Harris Fellows
11 Jun 2015 Mr. Johan Baselius Development of Modern Clinical Trials
04 Jun 2015 Mr. Edward Chan and Mr. Kenneth Chan Engineers Without Borders Hong Kong
28 May 2015 Ms. Melissa Petros The Work of Hagar International
21 May 2015 Annual Party: Tudors and Friends
14 May 2015 Mr. Ray Lee Solutions to Fix Hong Kong English - From Realizing Improvement to Showing Commitment
07 May 2015 Mr. Darren Benson Reshaping the Industrial Property Landscape in Hong Kong
30 Apr 2015 Ms. Fiona Woodhouse Improving Companion Animal Welfare Through Changes in Legislation and Government Policy
23 Apr 2015 Ms. Stella Abraham Interesting Perspectives on the HK Residential Leasing Market
16 Apr 2015 Mr. Ray Lee Fixing Hong Kong English: from Hows to Wows Real Life Stories to Share
09 Apr 2015 Rtn Melanie Riach The Story of Me
02 Apr 2015 Ms. Helen Ong Your Destiny with the Influence of 5 Elements and Kua Numbers
26 Mar 2015 Mr. Timothy Ng Update on Ocean Park Development
19 Mar 2015 Fellowship Event Barbecue at VRC, Deep Water Bay
12 Mar 2015 Mr. Aurélien MENANT Bitcoins, their function and trading them
05 Mar 2015 PDG Kenneth Wong Promotion of Organ Donation
23 Feb 2015 Hon. Jasper TSANG Yok-sing, President of the Legislative Council Economic Freedom and Social Equity
12 Feb 2015 Club Meeting
05 Feb 2015 Mr. Charles Lankester Reputational Risk in a Digital Age
29 Jan 2015 Mr. Henry Tsang South Island Line (East) – A future railway connecting Southern District and the existing MTR network
22 Jan 2015 PP Mitzi Leung Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration
15 Jan 2015 Ms. Jade Chan Nutritional Science, Weight Control and Disease Prevention.
08 Jan 2015 Ms Mabel Kwok Progress of Projects supported by the Rotary Club of Hong Kong South and the RotaryInternational 3450.
18 Dec 2014 DGN Eric Chin Experience Sharing of CDS and Social Media Impact to D3450
11 Dec 2014 Christmas Party
04 Dec 2014 Lunch meeting - Annual General Meeting
27 Nov 2014 Mr. Paul Zimmerman Lunch meeting - Mr. Paul Zimmerman: The City of Two Extremes – a city of threats and opportunities
20 Nov 2014 Ms. Jacqueline Muller Mysterious Morocco
13 Nov 2014 Mr Neil Orvay Business Angel Programme of the British Chamber - Successes and Failures
06 Nov 2014 Innovate or Die
30 Oct 2014 PDG David Harilela The One & The One HK
16 Oct 2014 Dr Theresia Liem & President John Bowden The Nutrition Program for the malnourished children in the leprosy villages
09 Oct 2014 Mr. Ian Burchett, Canadian Consul General Canada’s partnership with Hong Kong – a friendship built on commitment, enthusiasm and trust
25 Sep 2014 Mr. Loic Emery Cutting harbor pollution and what ships entering HK Waters can do
18 Sep 2014 Dr Wilson Li Ebola Outbreak in West Africa and what MSF is doing to help fight it
11 Sep 2014 Ms. Alice Gully How going on safari can contribute to conservation and community efforts
04 Sep 2014 Mr. Doug Woodring The effects of Construction on the Chinese White Dolphin around the airport
28 Aug 2014 Ms Cecilia Kwok The benefits of riding for disabled children
21 Aug 2014 Ms. Kay Rawbone Challenges of Mounting a Disabled Sailing Team for the Asean Games in Korea
14 Aug 2014 Dr. Clara Ooi Recent Advances in Medical Imaging
07 Aug 2014 Dr. Lucy Lord The Need to Establish a Patients' Charter
31 Jul 2014 Lunch meeting - Fellowship Lunch
24 Jul 2014 Ms. Teresa KO Hong Kong at the crossroads: Are we losing our relevance in the global marketplace?
17 Jul 2014 Mr. Humphrey Wilson Mad Dogs and an Englishman on a Bicycle
10 Jul 2014 Rtn David Thomas Who am I
03 Jul 2014 Ms. Adele Chiu SolSource - Collecting Energy for Cooking and other Innovation
29 May 2014 Lunch meeting: 29 May 2014
22 May 2014 Towards a Green Rotary District - Green Rotary Club (Speaker: PP George)
16 May 2014 Area 3 Dinner Meeting at Regal HK Hotel, Causeway Bay
08 May 2014 Lunch Meeting: Mr. Francis Moriaty, RTHK Lead Reporter
24 Apr 2014 Long Cane Technique and Mobile Apps for the Blind
17 Apr 2014 PP Nelson Yip Siu-Hong: Physical and Mobility Challenges in Work Aspects.
08 Apr 2014 Lunch meeting: "Arts and Health"
20 Mar 2014 Dinner meeting: Rotaract Club of Centennial College, HKU Inauguration
13 Mar 2014 Lunch meeting: The Springboard Project. Speaker: Ms Wilson
06 Mar 2014 Lunch meeting: Mr. Duncan Pescod, Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing
27 Feb 2014 Lunch meeting: Mr. Johan Baselius: Cardiac Pacing
20 Feb 2014 Dinner meeting: Spring Dinner 2014
13 Feb 2014 Lunch meeting: speaker: Mr. Rene Loho on Italian Wine
06 Feb 2014 Lunch meeting: An Open and Shut Case of Italian Injustice - Re: Amanda Knox
30 Jan 2014 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Mr. Nicholas Kwan, Director of Research, HKTDC
23 Jan 2014 Robin de Morgan Putting Competition 2014
16 Jan 2014 Lunch meeting: The Hon Mr Justice Michael John Hartmann on the theatre of the law
09 Jan 2014 Lunch meeting: Shelterbox Update with PP Martin
02 Jan 2014 Ms. Alice Fu from the Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association
19 Dec 2013 Lunch meeting: Dr Roger Kendrick on Moths and Climate Change
12 Dec 2013 Annual Christmas Party 2013
05 Dec 2013 Lunch meeting: AGM
28 Nov 2013 Dinner meeting. Topic: Rooftop Farming
21 Nov 2013 Dinner meeting. Speaker: West Island School Interact Club
14 Nov 2013 Lunch meeting: Topic: New Vision for the New Equal World. Dr York Chow, speaker.
07 Nov 2013 Lunch meeting: Hong Kong Guide Dog Association
31 Oct 2013 BBQ at Victoria Recreation Club
24 Oct 2013 Lunch meeting: Rtn Ellen Chan "Who Am I"
18 Oct 2013 Dinner meeting: Sharing genetic knowledge. Speaker: PP Stephen Lam
10 Oct 2013 Lunch meeting: Helping Children Become the best in spoken English and Chinese
26 Sep 2013 Lunch meeting: Wind farms in Hong Kong with Ms Cindy Choi
12 Sep 2013 Lunch meeting: Speaker: IPP Alex Lai
05 Sep 2013 Dinner meeting: DG Visit
29 Aug 2013 Lunch meeting: Speaker: PP Bernie Ting
22 Aug 2013 Lunch meeting: Ms. Rosa Kusbiantoro, speaker
15 Aug 2013 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Devin Gonier
08 Aug 2013 Lunch meeting with Rtn Dirk von Czarnowski speaking
01 Aug 2013 Dinner meeting: Mr. Malcolm Begbie, "Surprise Journey"
25 Jul 2013 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare
18 Jul 2013 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Mr. Dario Calvarus
11 Jul 2013 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Ms. Veena Dansinghani
04 Jul 2013 Lunch meeting: Ms Elaine Chow - "Happiness is a Choice"
13 Jun 2013 Mr. Kester Yim, Managing Director of Habitat for Humanity China
06 Jun 2013 Lunch meeting: Dr PY Leung, Chief Executive of Hospital Authority
30 May 2013 Dinner meeting: RCHKS 40th Anniversary Ball (HK Country Club, black tie)
23 May 2013 Lunch meeting: Mr Matthew Cheung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare
16 May 2013 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Ms. Anne Marsall
09 May 2013 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Ms. Suzanne Cheung, "The Public Scheme on Carbon Smart"
25 Apr 2013 Lunch meting: Speaker: Mr. Bernard Chan GBS, JP
18 Apr 2013 Dinner meeting: Speaker: President Winnie Ng
11 Apr 2013 Lunch meeting: Give Chance a Chance. Speaker: Mr. Peter Schindler
21 Mar 2013 Dinner meeting: Natural Life in the Fast Lane. Speaker: Kinzie
14 Mar 2013 Lunch meeting: Mr Duncan Pescod, Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing
07 Mar 2013 Dinner meeting: Interactors and Interact Advisors
28 Feb 2013 Regular Lunch meeting. Speaker TBA.
21 Feb 2013 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Mr Tse Man Shing, Director for Corruption Prevention of ICAC
14 Feb 2013 Lunch meeting: 14 February 2013: Gabrielle Kirstein
07 Feb 2013 Dinner meeting: Ronny Mintjens
31 Jan 2013 Lunch meeting: 31 Jan 2012. Alexandre Besson speaking on "The story of indigo in Denim"
24 Jan 2013 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Principal Fung Pik Yee
17 Jan 2013 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Professor Dennis Lo
10 Jan 2013 Lunch meeting: Tony Leung from The Leprosy Project
03 Jan 2013 Dinner meeting: Jan 3, 2012. Dr John Wong on "The secrets of leadership"
27 Dec 2012 Lunch meeting: Speaker Rtn Timothy Ng on Ocean Park
24 Dec 2012 RCHKS Donates Blankets to Homeless Centre
20 Dec 2012 Lunch meeting: 20 December
13 Dec 2012 Christmas Party 2012
06 Dec 2012 Dinner meeting: AGM
01 Dec 2012 RCHKS Organizes Visit of Singleton Elders in Tseung Kwan O
29 Nov 2012 Lunch meeting: Mr. Ruy Barretto speaking on "Aspects of Conservation in Hong Kong"
22 Nov 2012 Lunch meeting: Travels in Tibet with Rtn Rebecca
15 Nov 2012 Lunch meeting: How to buy a race horse in Hong Kong
08 Nov 2012 Lunch meeting: Ex-Deputy Director of Operations of ICAC, Mr Francis Lee: "Fighting Corruption in the '70s and '80s"
01 Nov 2012 Dinner meeting: Caroline Rhodes on the Emotional Freedom Technique
25 Oct 2012 Mr. Lhagva Erdene, Ambassadorial Scholar from Mongolia
18 Oct 2012 Dinner meeting: Dr. York Chow Yat Ngor on Para Olympics in Asia
04 Oct 2012 Dinner Meeting: Dr. Alison Ma on Pediatric Renal Services in Hong Kong
27 Sep 2012 Lunch meeting: Secretary General of Independent Police Complaints Council. Speaker: Mr Ricky Chu
20 Sep 2012 Dinner Meeting: Enforcement of foreign and mainland judgments in Hong Kong. Speaker: Mr Edmond Chong
13 Sep 2012 Speaker: Mr. Evert Marechal on Belgium and Business Opportunities
06 Sep 2012 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Ms. Pauline Ng, Secretary General of LegCo
30 Aug 2012 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Lo Wing Sun. Topic: Geopark.
23 Aug 2012 Lunch Meeting: Speaker: DG Kenneth Wong
16 Aug 2012 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Mr. Hans Mulder (topic: Waldorf Education)
09 Aug 2012 Lunch meeting: Speaker Rtn Al Pineda
02 Aug 2012 Dinner meeting: Classic Car investment and a Motor Museum in Hong Kong
26 Jul 2012 Lunch meeting: Speaker Hon. Judge John Saunders
19 Jul 2012 Dinner meeting: Formula Pilota China Series with speaker Dan Wells
12 Jul 2012 Lunch meeting: Waldorf Education with speaker Ms Cannie Bennett
05 Jul 2012 Dinner meeting: New Board Installation 2012
28 Jun 2012 Lunch meeting: Club Assembly
21 Jun 2012 Dinner meeting: The China Team and the America’s Cup
14 Jun 2012 Lunch meeting: Speaker: Ms. Jennifer Sheppard on Detoxing and Health
07 Jun 2012 Speaker: Rtn Charles Lagrange. Topic: The treaty ports / Shanghai French Concession
31 May 2012 Lunch meeting: "From Legacy to Impact": A discussion of club projects and focus
24 May 2012 Speaker: Ms. Alicia Buenrostro Massieu, Consulate General of Mexico on Modern Mexico
17 May 2012 Club 888 and Annual Dinner at Club Lusitano
10 May 2012 Living and working in Mongolia with speaker Leo Caputi
03 May 2012 The plight of refugees in Hong Kong with speaker Gabriel Mugisha
26 Apr 2012 Lunch meeting: speaker Mr Cosmo Beatson of Vision First
19 Apr 2012 Dinner meeting: HK UFO Club with speaker Moon Fong
12 Apr 2012 Lunch meeting: The Legation quarter: 100 years of foreign presence in the heart of Peking. (Speaker: Rtn Charles Lagrange)
05 Apr 2012 Lunch meeting: Awareness for children living with clefts. Speaker: Sgt Winston Fiore (US Marine Corps)
29 Mar 2012 Lunch meeting: Environment in Hong Kong. Speaker: Ms Tris Kee.
22 Mar 2012 Lunch meeting: Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia. Speaker: Rebecca Mikula-Wright
15 Mar 2012 Dinner meeting: Something looks true but actually not true (似是而非 or 似非而是); speaker: Mr Arthur Chan
08 Mar 2012 Lunch meeting: Literacy in South Africa. Speaker: Nico Kooij
23 Feb 2012 Lunch meeting: Ms. Kylie Uebergang to talk about “Migrant Children Matters"
16 Feb 2012 Dinner meeting: PP Tony Leung from Rotary Club of Quarry Bay
09 Feb 2012 Lunch meeting: Mr. Ronny Mintjens on North Korea
31 Jan 2012 Rotary Centenary Challenge Cup will be held on 22 Feb 2012 (Wednesday) at Happy Valley Racecourse
31 Jan 2012 26January 2012 Dinner Meeting
26 Jan 2012 The 52nd District Conference will be held on 19-20 May 2012 at the Regal Airport Hotel.
26 Jan 2012 Christian Action Three Legged Charity Walk - 31 March 2012
25 Jan 2012 The Secrets of the New North Korea
19 Jan 2012 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Feng Shui Master Jill Lander
12 Jan 2012 Regular lunch meeting with speaker Nir Poleg: "Israel's 6 day war"
29 Dec 2011 Rtn Naresh Kumar: "Who I Am"
22 Dec 2011 Regular lunch meeting: Rtn Otis on "Who am I"
15 Dec 2011 2011 Christmas Dinner
15 Dec 2011 Dinner Meeting: PHF with PP Peter and Sec Michael
08 Dec 2011 AGM
06 Dec 2011 "A Vision for Trash Free Seas: the Hong Kong International Coastal Cleanup Challenge." by Nissa Marion
06 Dec 2011 The early bird registration deadline of RI Convention is 1 Dec 2011, after that the registration fee will be increased from USD1
06 Dec 2011 District 2nd HK Bowling Tournament for All cum
01 Dec 2011 Lunch meeting: Michael Rawbone on 'Sailability'
24 Nov 2011 Lunch meeting: speaker Lisa Christensen
17 Nov 2011 Opera HK
10 Nov 2011 Grueling 51 day walk in the Gobi Desert. Speaker: Christopher Schräder
03 Nov 2011 Mr. Graeme Maxton: The End of Progress
27 Oct 2011 Ms. Natalia Sierant and Ms. Sabrina Behm from FunRaising Events Ltd
20 Oct 2011 German Dinner Buffet
13 Oct 2011 Regular lunch meeting with Mr Merle Hinrichs from Global Sources
06 Oct 2011 “The Last Dollar - Tips on Customer Handling And Charitable Funding"
29 Sep 2011 Regular lunch meeting cancelled.
22 Sep 2011 Ambassadorial Scholar Ms Kristen Lindley
15 Sep 2011 Water Quality in the Pearl River Delta. Speaker: Emma Rocke
08 Sep 2011 Regular lunch meeting with visiting Rtn Simon James.
01 Sep 2011 Regular lunch meeting
25 Aug 2011 Speaker: Ms Rebecca Sweetman of The Paradigm Shift
18 Aug 2011 Dr. Beatrice Wong: “From Tears to Smiles,the Secrets of Making Happy Faces”
11 Aug 2011 Regular lunch meeting
04 Aug 2011 Regular lunch meeting
28 Jul 2011 Regular lunch meeting
21 Jul 2011 Dinner meeting: "Reclaiming Healthy Air for Hong Kong's Competitiveness and Quality of Life". Speaker: Christian Masset.
14 Jul 2011 District Governor visit
07 Jul 2011 Aberdeen Kai Fong Visit
30 Jun 2011 Speaker: Mike Kennedy
23 Jun 2011 Speaker: Author, Businessman, Rotarian PP Joop Litmaath
16 Jun 2011 Cycling Home From Siberia with speaker Rob Lilwall
09 Jun 2011 EGM Lunch meeting
02 Jun 2011 Lunch meeting: Chief economist of HKGCC David O'Rear
26 May 2011 Ambassadorial Scholar Kwan Hui from the Southern District of NJ Rotary
19 May 2011 Lunch meeting: Scot Frank of One Earth Designs
12 May 2011 Mr K L Bok, CEO of RCHKS Handa International
05 May 2011 Annual Dinner at Top Deck, Aberdeen.
21 Apr 2011 No meeting
14 Apr 2011 Lunch meeting: Mr Jerry McLean speaking on “Sharks: The Crisis in Our Seas”
07 Apr 2011 Lunch meeting: speaker Ms Marjory Vendramini of Cradle of Hope Orphanage in Macau
31 Mar 2011 Lunch meeting: Club Assembly
25 Mar 2011 "Four Clans" Lunch meeting FRIDAY at Causeway Bay Regal Hotel (replaces our Thursday meeting)
18 Mar 2011 Club 888 Lucky Draw features 500 chances to win 50 great prizes. The greatest prize of all is knowing you are helping those in dire need!
17 Mar 2011 2011 Spring Dinner with Judge Jim R Williams, Associate Justice of Nova Scotia's Supreme Court
10 Mar 2011 Peter Helis: Link between Chinese and European Porcelain
03 Mar 2011 Rtn Josh Sellers: Who I Am
24 Feb 2011 Wong Shui Hung & Anna Lui: Donation report from Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association
17 Feb 2011 Dinner meeting: Speaker: Dr Alan Yu
10 Feb 2011 Philippe Séjalon: What it was like to launch a company one day before Lehman disappeared..."
27 Jan 2011 Lunch meeting. Speaker: Mr Paul Zimmerman. Topic: Planning and Development in Pokfulam
20 Jan 2011 Dinner meeting: Dr Sam Winter, speaker. Topic: Transgender
13 Jan 2011 Lunch meeting with speaker Mr Peter Mann
06 Jan 2011 Lunch meeting: speaker Rtn Betty Ko
30 Dec 2010 Casual lunch meeting at HK Golf Club, Deepwater Bay
23 Dec 2010 Casual lunch meeting at HK Golf Club, Deepwater Bay
16 Dec 2010 Fundraising around the world.
09 Dec 2010 Club Christmas Party: Poolside at HK Golf Club, Deepwater Bay. Let Lillian know you're attending.
02 Dec 2010 Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF)
24 Nov 2010 Lunch meeting: speaker: Mr. Doug Woodring
18 Nov 2010 Dinner meeting: Tom Henderson CEO of Shelterbox
04 Nov 2010 Rtn Conrad So: "My Ten Years of Absence from Rotary"
30 Oct 2010 Visit to Eu Yan Sang
28 Oct 2010 Lunch meeting: Club Assembly
21 Oct 2010 Wine tasting, wine quiz and dinner buffet
14 Oct 2010 Regular lunch meeting. President Stephen spoke and PP Danny had a birthday.
07 Oct 2010 Lunch meeting with therapist from Fu Hong Society speaking about autism
30 Sep 2010 Regular lunch meeting with visiting Rtn Simon James of Misbourne Matins Rotary Club (UK)
16 Sep 2010 Dinner meeting / visit from DG
09 Sep 2010 Stories from Fleet Street and a video presentation of the club's Leprosy Project
02 Sep 2010 Lunch meeting with Dr. Sam Winter spoke on "Growing up transgender in Asia".
26 Aug 2010 Lunch meeting featuring Mr Lawrence T. Wong on green device Intelliplug
17 Aug 2010 Dinner meeting to honor RI President Ray Klinginsmith
29 Jul 2010 Ms. Christy Lai (Communications and Resources Development Manager) introduced her organisation "Fu Hong Soicety".
22 Jul 2010 PP Grace Yen was our speaker. She discussed "RI members access and district eDirectory".
24 Jun 2010 24 June 2010: Lunch meeting with special guest Rowena Gonzalez on sustainable office design
17 Jun 2010 Sustaining High Performance - The Science of Success
10 Jun 2010 President Peter and officers presented final reports to members.
03 Jun 2010
20 May 2010 Rtn Didier Barbas was inducted into the club. His sponsor was President Peter.
19 May 2010 DG Ada will visit Beijing for the closing ceremony of "District Anti-Hepatitis B Project" on 19-20 May 2010, President Peter will join, too. Please RSVP to CDS Eddy Wong.
13 May 2010 We invited Mr. Mark Kwok & Mr. Brian Ho and talked about building sustainable fish farms.
22 Apr 2010 22 April 2010: Lunch meeting: Guest speaker: Ms Berni Crockford
17 Apr 2010 District Conference
15 Apr 2010 Dinner Meeting: Barbeque. Special guest Didier Barbas will host a wine tasting.
08 Apr 2010 Nicola Clark
01 Apr 2010 Lunch meeting: Club officers updated members and guests on the progress of various projects
25 Mar 2010 Lunch Meeting: Timothy Ng from Ocean Park Conservation Fund
18 Mar 2010 Dinner meeting: Rtn Dr William Yam on the management of lower back pain
03 Mar 2010 Lunch meeting: Visiting Rotarian PP Joop Litmaath
18 Feb 2010 Mr. Michael Rowse: The Harbourfest Disaster
11 Feb 2010 Ms Ashley Allman, Rotary Ambassadorial Speaker
03 Feb 2010 Mr. Ian Anderson presents. Also: Robin De Morgan Putting Competition
28 Jan 2010 Getting out of the mold and turning weakness into strength! A future for learning in HK?
21 Jan 2010 Preserving Hong Kong's biodiversity. Also: prize presentation for our Write-up competition on: Our Needs (我門的需要)
14 Jan 2010 Lunch Meeting and Golf Tournament
31 Dec 2009 Lunch meeting
19 Dec 2009 Lunch meeting: Pediatric Emergency
05 Nov 2009 What's new at Cyberport